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Cally Trench: Book-Wing

Cally Trench, Book-Wing (2020)
Artist's book. Right hand version.

Roger Perkins: Cally Trench's Creative Practice (2023)

Cally Trench: Strolling

Cally Trench, Strolling (2022)
Signed linocut print, edition of 20
from The Fourteen Stages of Birdhood

Monika Tobel: Cally Trench's The Fourteen Stages of Birdhood (2023)

This piece of writing was first published in In The Likeness of Birds: Writings by and about Annie Rapstoff, Monika Tobel and Cally Trench, to accompany an exhibition at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford, 2023.

Cally Trench: Metamorphosis (Kite)

Cally Trench, Metamorphosis (Kite) (2022)
Pen and ink on watercolour paper
53 x 76 cm

Writings about Metamorphosis

Mary Yacoob: Cally Trench's Metamorphosis drawings (2022)

Annie Rapstoff: Other than human (2022)

Guy Tarrant: I see seven drawings (2022)

These writings were first published in a Guide to Exploring inside the box: Recent works by Tineke Bruijnzeels and Cally Trench, an exhibition at Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot, 2022.

Cally Trench:105 Artists' Hands

Cally Trench, 105 Artists' Hands (2021)
Book published by Peculiarity Press

Victoria Lambert: A vivid, thought-provoking work, a review of Cally Trench's 105 Artists' Hands (2021).

Cally Trench: Philip Lee with apples and oranges

Cally Trench
Detail of Philip Lee with apples and oranges (2010)
Acrylic on canvas
152 x 152 cm

John Bunyan: A personal review of Do you remember it - or weren't you there?, an exhibition at London Gallery West, University of Westminster (Harrow Campus), curated by Cally Trench and Philip Lee, in 2013.

Lorraine Pepper: Blindfold Slip - A Response by Lorraine Pepper after seeing Blindfold Slip Private, 29 January 2011.

Cally Trench: Danger Money

Cally Trench, Danger Money (2009)
Original board game

Reviews on a-n Interface of At Play 2, an exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, curated by Dr Outi Remes and Cally Trench, in 2010.

Jacqueline Berridge: At Play 2 (2010)

j ogden: at play 2 (2010)

Cally Trench: Territory

Cally Trench, detail of Territory (2005)
Acrylic on canvas, 5 x 7 feet

Reviews on a-n Interface of At Play 1, an exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, curated by Dr Outi Remes and Cally Trench, in 2009.

Tracey Jerome: At Play 1 (2009)

Areej Abdi: At Play 1 (2009)

April Bateman: At Play (2009)

Cally Trench: Irretrievable Time

Cally Trench
Irretrievable Time, 2006
Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76 cm

Victoria Lambert: Review of HOME: New Works by Cally Trench and Nick Trench, an exhibition at the Penny School Gallery, Kingston-upon- Thames in 2007.

Cally Trench: Mystery Box 4

Cally Trench, Mystery Box 4

Thea Jourdan: Review of Surprise, Surprise!, an exhibition at six primary schools in High Wycombe and Wycombe Museum in 2003.

Cally Trench: Replication

Cally Trench, Replication (1991)
Acrylic on paper

Paul Oldfield: Review of Artweek International Artists' Plener exhibitions at New Road Baptist Church, Oxford, and Sutton Courtenay Abbey in 1991.

Cally Trench: Wave

Cally Trench, Wave (1990)
Work in progress in Krasiczyn, Poland

Leonard Reppel: Cally Trench, part of Impressions of the exhibition from the plener in Krasiczyn, Poland, 1990.

Yellow Fish flying from Carfax Tower

Cally Trench, Yellow Fish (1990)
Carfax Tower
Rip-stop nylon, approx 2 metres long

Thea Jourdan: The Art of the Matter, an interview with Cally Trench about Oxford Artweek 1990.

Magdalen College

Cally Trench, Magdalen College (1987)
Chinese watercolour and gouache on paper
Private collection

R.J.P.: Review of Cally Le Poer Trench / Martin Jennings, an exhibition at the Shark House, Oxford in 1987.

Portrait of Dr Caroline M Fraser

Cally Trench
Portrait of Dr Caroline M Fraser (1983)
Chinese watercolour and gouache on paper
72 x 50 cm Private collection

Reviews of Cally Trench's first solo exhibition in the Vaughan Exhibition Room, Somerville Colege, Oxford in 1985.

Elizabeth Tom: Le Poer Trench (1985)

CT (Clova Tudor): Cally Trench (1985)

(Don Chapman): Cally le Poer Trench (1985)

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