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by Roger Perkins

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Cally Trench's Creative Practice

To say Cally Trench's creative practice is broad would be a gross under-statement. To say she consistently creates work on a daily, if not hourly!, basis would be likewise a foolish mistake to make.

Cally is prodigious in her output of work. From drawings, photos, performance, artist's books and unique board games that often comment on contemporary issues (and are fun to play of course). Then there is the curation of exhibitions and projects. Cally embraces creative practice in whatever form is appropriate and piques her interest. She is also extraordinarily generous in her support of other artists' practice, including them in many of the collaborative projects she initiates.

So how do you pin down her practice? Does it need pinning down? Is this an important or, indeed, a relevant question to ask? Probably not, but ...

What is it about her work that draws you in? There are the disarming 'faces' portraits (including her own). They say exactly who the sitter is - unflinchingly so. There is no frill, no extraneous information ... they are just who they are ... and they disarm in their forthrightness. Honest.

Then there is the Metamorphosis series ... human hands and feet morphing into bird's feathers ... are we closer to 'nature' than we like to believe? Would she really like to fly away unfettered by the daily routine and obligations in her life?

There is such breadth to Cally's practice it would take a biographical volume to cover her oeuvre thoroughly and with the justice it deserves and here is not the appropriate place - nor is the writer qualified to do such a task!

I can only reflect on her dedication to her practice, but above all her unstinting pursuit and curiosity of the world around her ... with wit, humour, consummate skill and ultimately a sense of urgency that there are not enough lifetimes to get it all done in time!

Roger Perkins, 2023

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