Impressions of
Cally Trench's Wave (1990)
by Leonard Reppel

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Cally Trench: Wave

Cally Trench, Wave (1990)
Work in progress in Krasiczyn, Poland

Cally Trench

"Wave". One of two paintings which presents a realistic picture of a wave which seems to be hitting the viewer. The dense blackness of the sand in the foreground almost conceals the smudge of intruding hands and feet. The boldness with which Cally used the black to portray the sand creates great sadness in the viewer, sadness that is relieved by the power of the wave. The appearance of red suggests that the marks are made by a wounded man. There is a strong feeling of the connection of the world of the primordial existence in the water and the non-existence on the land.

Leonard Reppel, 1990

A section of Impressions of the exhibition from the plener in Krasiczyn, Poland, 1990