Cally Trench and Tineke Bruijnzeels

2 x 366 Drawings

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Cally Trench's drawings

From August 2003 to August 2004, Cally Trench, an English artist living in Buckinghamshire, and Tineke Bruijnzeels, a Dutch artist living in France, each made an observational drawing every day, and sent the drawings to each other in weekly batches of seven.

Some of Cally Trench's drawings
Drawing of 12 September 2003 Drawing of 28 September 2003
Drawing of 12/9/03, pastel and ink on paper
Drawing of 28/9/03, ink on paper

Drawing of 9 November 2003

Drawing of 3 December 2003

Drawing of 9/11/03, charcoal on paper
Drawing of 3/12/03, pencil on paper

Drawing of 11 January 2004 Drawing of 1 February 2004
Drawing of 11/1/04, charcoal on paper
Drawing of 1/2/04, ink on paper

Some of Tineke Bruijnzeels's drawings
Drawing of 6 August 2003 Drawing of 7 September 2003
Drawing of 6/8/03, ink on paper
Drawing of 7/9/03, pencil on paper

Drawing of 10 October 2003 Drawing of 20 October 2003
Drawing of 10/10/03, oil pastel on paper
Drawing of 20/10/03, pencil on paper

Drawing of 7 January 2004 Drawing of 24 January 2004
Drawing of 7/1/04, pencil, oil pastel on paper
Drawing of 24/1/04, ink on paper

The drawings, on vertical-format A6 paper (about 10 x 15 cm), were in all kinds of drawing medium - including pencil, ink, crayon, pastels, charcoal, and oil pastels.

The drawings are all observational, and both artists found that they frequently returned to the same subjects. Cally often drew her children asleep at night, and the windows and bookcases in her house. Tineke made many drawings of the mountainous landscape around her home, her children doing their homework, her cats, and cardboard boxes. The drawings - 366 from each artist - act as a diary of the year. They are also a kind of conversation between the two artists. Receiving a batch of drawings once a week was both motivating and inspiring.

Cally and Tineke's drawings were exhibited in April 2005 at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe.

Cally and Tineke made a second set of drawings from August 2013 to August 2014. For this project - 365 Drawings 365 Dessins - they invited 51 guest artists to join them, each making a drawing a day for one week. 365 Drawings 365 Dessins

Cally Trench's homepage