On the Surface and Surface!

Curated by Cally Trench

Imogen Welch

On The Surface and Surface!

Data Protection by Imogen Welch

Imogen Welch, Data Protection, 2008
Office equipment, furniture, envelopes
W 155 cm, d 130 cm, h 140 cm

Imogen Welch worked in computing for many years before returning to education to do a Fine Art degree. She is very active in the Watford Recycling Arts Project and is resident artist and arts training development worker at the Apsley Paper Trail - a project that combines heritage, education, recycling and art. Recent exhibitions include 'Start Your Collection' at Contemporary Arts Project in Shoreditch.

Her practice usually involves the obsessive transformation of real world objects by the addition of everyday materials or substances, making the ordinary 'uncanny', and taking the familiar into new territory. Using techniques akin to handicraft her sculpture references 'women's work' and folk art.

In Data Protection, patterns from the inside of business envelopes are exquisitely 'patch worked' onto an office workstation in a vain attempt to prevent information falling into the wrong hands.

In Roadmap Bodyscape, she has collaged roadmaps onto shop dummies to investigate the relationships between landscape and the body throughout the history of art. The curves of the torsos become landscape, and the graphics from the maps become marks on the body.

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