Touché (Touched)by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels
Touché (Touched), 2005
Paintbrushes, thread

Tineke Bruijnzeels writes: I am interested in the world around objects, what they can evoke, and the memories, thoughts and questions they trigger.

Objects evoke memories. A dialogue develops between me and the object during a process of investigation and discovery. My household objects have been submitted to a process of dislocation and relocation.

Every time I have moved to another country I have left everything that was familiar to me behind. (Friends, language and culture.) Often my objects represent this alienation.

Protected by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels
Protected, 2005-2006
Stools, 132 coats of varnish (at present)

Processes of repeating and the passing of time are equally important in my work:

In the process of repeating we eliminate the anxiety of the unknown. We know and we repeat. We are not thinking about the future. Repetition is present tense. It is our breathing and the beat of our heart while we are reading this text.

Yet repetition by its very nature marks the passing of time. Processes and procedures: it's the getting there that counts and, with the certainty of execution, the uncertainty of how it will turn out; whilst the sense of time spent becomes embedded in the work.

(David Lillington, As long as it takes catalogue essay, Angel Row Gallery, 2002)

Armour by Tineke Bruijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels
Armour, 2006
Ostrich egg, 4 zips, thread, 16 x 12 cm

Armour was exhibited at the Sketchbook Circle exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell in September 2007.

More of Tineke's work can be seen on her website

Tineke shared sketchbooks
with Caroline Meynell
and Anne Woodham