Perhaps the horizon by Linda Francis

Linda Francis, perhaps the horizon, 2004
Candle gel, plastic lettering, 30 x 20 cm

 Photograph in shared sketchbook by Linda Francis

Linda Francis, Photograph in shared sketchbook
(This sketchbook was exhibited at the Sketchbook Circle exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell in 2007.)

Linda shared sketchbooks with
Cally Trench, Alan Franklin and Imogen Welch

Linda Francis writes: My work is not so much a journey - that sounds like hard work, with a beginning and an end and a sense of purpose. My work is more like a wandering, an exploration, like a tree with many branches, some of which end quite quickly and some of which go on to create more branches.

My work is about curiosity and experimentation, a wondering what happens if ....? What will it look like, sound like, feel like ....? I don't deliberately create work with the viewer in mind but if it creates a link, a moment of communication and understanding, then that is a bonus.

I enjoy the surreal, the unexpected, the out-of-place, the possibility of an unpredicted juxtaposition leading somewhere new and exciting

As I am a sculptor, the challenge for me in the Sketchbook Circle is to make work that is small and flat(ish). I use drawing to help me work out the practicalities of a project but not as inspiration and not as a means of recording information. The exciting thing for me is the uniting of three different worlds and whether we allow those worlds on each side to influence us, or whether we continue on our own 'routes' aka 'the unpredictable juxtaposition'.