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Imogen Welch

Body Modification - Torso by Imogen Welch
Imogen Welch
Body Modification - Torso, 2006
Muffled Room by Imogen Welch
Imogen Welch
Muffled Room, 2005
Imogen Welch was born in Chichester and brought up in Bolton, Lancashire. She studied geology at university and worked in computing for many years, before returning to education as a mature student to do a Fine Art degree at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.
Imogen's practice usually involves the obsessive transformation of everyday materials or substances, making the ordinary 'uncanny', and taking the familiar into new territory. The recycling of found objects taps into their history and our memories. Each component carries its own meanings and associations which they bring to the finished art work.
Current concerns include the nature of the art object and sculpture's history - as well as the social commentary surrounding commercialism. Imogen addresses environmental issues via her reclamation of redundant manufactured objects in a society caught up in a cycle of accumulation and rapid disposal of possessions.
Muffled Bedroom, 2005, is a recreation of her teenage bedroom - furniture, objects and architectural details - in which everything is entirely covered in blue felt. The room and its contents have had all colour and texture removed; the individuality and character are muffled. The muffling represents a suppression of creativity and artistic inclination in favour of a more acceptable academic direction. The viewer enters this immersive, uncanny installation wearing blue felt overshoes and mittens. This protects the installation and the audience can feel the felt without touching, but more significantly it covers them in felt too.
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Imogen shared a sketchbook with Linda Francis.

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