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Alan Franklin

Bird's Eye View by Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin, Bird's Eye View,
Brockwell Park, 2004
Steel rod, wire mesh, peanuts Net for not catching butterflies by Alan Franklin
Alan Franklin, Net for not catching butterflies

This work was exhibited at the Sketchbook Circle
exhibition at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell
in 2007.

Alan Franklin writes: I once chanced upon a poem by Rebecca Horn in which she describes the mass migration of a particularly prolific species of bird from Africa to South America. Fortunately, considering the excessive breeding success of these birds only one tenth of the population survive the crossing, the others are all lost at sea. The conjecture is that the birds retain a distant memory of the earth before the continents separated and drifted apart. Only the birds that have lost this memory make it to land.

Every now and then I come across something that seems to make an odd kind of sense. It is the search for these occasions that enables the conversation to continue.

Alan Franklin studied sculpture at St Martin's School of Art, West Surrey College of Art and Design and Goldsmith's University. Since completing his MA, Alan has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including exhibitions in India, Japan, Sweden and Poland. He works for both indoor and outdoor venues, using a wide range of materials and found objects. Examples of his large work can be seen at Grizedale Forest in Cumbria, in the Gardens of Gaia in Kent and in Kielder Forest in Northumberland. Alan is currently Head of Fine Art at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

Alan shared sketchbooks with Polly Binns and Linda Francis.

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