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Valérie Mary

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Méandres 1 by Valérie Mary

Valérie Mary
Méandres 1
(twists and turns of my thought)
(2010) Oil paint
on board, 50 x 60 cm

Valérie Mary writes: My practice stems from a sheer fascination for painting and a strong interest in philosophical notions of subjectivity, experience and memory. Eclectic in their treatment, my paintings question the interface between performance and theatricality and how the process of painting itself permeates the dissolution of subject/object - past/present opposition through the possibility of painting becoming a stage, a narrative space that implies the imaginary space of the viewer. I remain deeply moved by Watteau's work, not in terms of skills - this question is a lready present in painting - but because Watteau painted actors in such ways that boundaries between stage and life, between landscape and illusory space are always blurred. As such, my paintings at once playful and melancholic, continuously evoking the position of the artist as a "funambulist", aware that theoretical and conceptual intentions are always corrupted by material stutters or residues, leaving a gap for hope and wonder.

Alluding to art's inevitable self-referentiality, they also stubbornly investigate the dynamic of the personal within the collective, sitting in a place between seriousness and triviality, artificiality and authenticity.

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