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Tineke Bruijnzeels

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Drops by Tineke Brijnzeels

Tineke Bruijnzeels, Drops (2007-2011)
Hosepipe, electric wire
500 x 70 x 50cm

The only thing we can be certain of in life is change.

Tineke Bruijnzeels is currently living in France, after having moved nineteen times in her life. Every time she moved to another country, she left everything that was familiar behind. (Friends, language and culture.) Often her objects represent this alienation.

Tineke works with ordinary objects and materials. She is interested in what they can evoke, as well as the memories, thoughts and questions they trigger. Through repetitive processes her objects and installations remind us of change and the passing of time.

Objects evoke memories. A dialogue develops between Tineke and the object during a process of investigation, discovery and repetition. Repetition by its very nature marks the passing of time. Her objects have been submitted to a process of dislocation and relocation.

In Drops, more than 3600 foot of transparent hosepipe have been cut into small segments and reconnected with ordinary electric wire. The material which used to contain water has become water. The frozen image of a never ending flow of water invites reflection, possibly on the preciousness of water and the passing of time. The sense of time spent has become embedded in the work.

In Silence, hundreds of ping pong balls have been inserted with strands of steel cable. They seem to bounce yet float quietly above the ground. They convey stillness and movement and invite to silent reflection.

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