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Lynne Grace: Time Out

Time Out was a conversation with other artists in Remarkable and Curious Conversations and was a project whereby I made work from participants written words about a personal holiday memory. I made paintings, which were then photographed and printed 5 x 7 inches to be displayed in a postcard roundel, continuing the holiday theme.

The roundel of 'postcards' was shown on 24th and 25th March 2012 at Remarkable Place. Visitors were also invited to write their own holiday memories on blank postcards.

Time Out by Lynne Grace
Lynne Grace, Splash
from Time Out (2012)

From words by Patrick Jeffs:
Jock and I were sailing down the River Yare in a thunderstorm. A steamer was coming towards us, its smoke blown nearly horizontal; Turner would have liked that, I thought. The wind gusted, the boat heeled and the rain came down so strongly that I could hardly see. "We will have to moor up on the saltings", I yelled to Jock. So I brought the boat up onto the weather bank and Jock jumped off and fastened the rond anchor in the ground. He climbed back on board and as he started to take down the jib there was a huge bang and flash; a bolt of lightning had hit the base of the mast between us. "Bugger me!" shouted Jock and jumped in the river. So ended Jock's first day in a sailing boat.

Time Out by Lynne Grace
Lynne Grace, Waterfall
from Time Out (2012)

From words by Tineke Bruijnzeels:
Waterfalls in Iceland. Pure magic.

Time Out by Lynne Grace
Lynne Grace, Mesh
from Time Out (2012)

From words by Philip Lee:
My holiday remembrance is from last summer when my family of five (ages 52, 51, 18, 17, 11) went to France for two weeks together for the first time in a few years. I offer you two words: containment and closeness.

Time Out by Lynne Grace
Lynne Grace, Lighthouse
from Time Out (2012)

From words by Cally Trench:
We were sitting round the table for dinner listening to the radio in a rented seaside house. I was about ten, and on holiday with my brother Nicholas, my cousin Stephen, and my Gran. Although we had tuned into some conventional radio station, the radio picked up a conversation between a lighthouse keeper and the mainland. We were surprised and fascinated.

Time Out by Lynne Grace
Lynne Grace, Lake
from Time Out (2012)

From words by Joan Skelton Smith:
I remember a hot Texas summer....floating on an air mattress in the middle of the small lake surrounded by the forest, when it got too hot I could just slide off into the cool water 'Oh Wilderness were Paradise enow' (Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam).

Lynne Grace
Patrick Jeffs
Philip Lee
Tineke Bruijnzeels
Cally Trench
Joan Skelton Smith

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