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Sophie Loss

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Klienhouse by Sophie Loss

Sophie Loss
Klienhouse (2009)
A4 page from a letter using
composed geometer`s script

'Multi media' is the word used to describe my brand of art. I use this term with hesitation because of its potential meaninglessness. My practice is not limited to one form of expression and I do work on paper, video and performances. The common denominator to all my works is my interest and excitement in testing different realities against each other. This requires finding the elastic moment (or line or word) and taking it further over boundaries. The result is often a contradictory, paradoxical or absurd situation where one enters the territory beyond the visible line, to the area where demarcation of reality becomes uncertainty.

I made/created an artist's book. I can blame Mary for it. She makes books. I saw one. It was a printed booklet with markings not dissimilar to the London underground map. It was an object/container for Mary to make and to fill. I never thought of making a book. Books were the source of information, stories and thoughts. They had writing and words. What counted was the content. The inside matters. The covers are only the dress or coat. Does the coat conceal, protect, reveal or invite? What if the coat is an extension of the content? What if the coat's colours smudge/spill/impact on the inside? One hundred and eleven questions later (having few answers ) I grew an extra eye. This eye notes/observes only objects as they exist/sit in a given context.* This unexpected evolution in my physic was one outcome of my chat with Mary. The other was an artist's book.**

Philip and Judy show/introduce me to unfamiliar landscapes and skills. They let me peep into their worlds. With my new third eye I observe Philip transform himself into a statue in a gallery. Hard but brittle. Just like a clay yoyo.

*am referring to micro context only.

**Francesca's first husband was an inept lover so she hung his photo above her second matrimonial bed

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