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Marco Calí

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Marco Calí: The whole image is a collage of drawings. Each individual drawing is framed as per the camera-shot at a given instance, so that taken as a whole, the set is reconstructed as seen by the camera. The film in question is Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, a film that is peculiar in being shot as if on a single take so that the camera seems to be continually recording the scene(s).

Rope by Marco Calí

Marco Calí, Rope (2011)
Ink on paper, 60 x 40cm

During a conversation with other Remarkable and Curious Conversations artists at Mary Yacoob's house on 9th March 2011, I presented drawings from a previous project based on a different film (Tiger Bay). These drawings precluded colour, being black ink on a plain tracing paper. It was suggested that the addition of colour might be suggestive of certain films (the 50s and 60s technicolour movies) and that the framing device was suggestive of an investigation or scrutiny of the film as a whole.

Marco Calí
Mary Yacoob

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