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Roger Perkins

empty vessel makes the loudest noise by Roger Perkins
Roger Perkins, An empty vessel makes the
loudest noise
Solid wax figures melting during a three month
installation at St Botolph's Church, London.
Simultaneously web-streamed
Greenham Museum poster

Roger Perkins, Greenham Museum poster (1950s)
reciprocal action or influence : ongoing interaction between the two languages.


In the past number of years I have collaborated with artists from visual art, sound, dance and theatrical backgrounds. Each of these 'interactions' has always brought something fresh and challenging to my individual practice.

However, I do not see these collaborations as a separate or lesser form of my own practice. The important issue for me is to remain creative whenever possible- whether that is within the realm of individual or collective practice or not. (Or, indeed, whether that is within a 'visual' context or any other media).

The challenge of collaboration/interaction is to remain open to another idea(s) whilst remaining focused upon the criteria of the work itself. That, somehow, another 'third party' in the creative process remains all important - the sum being greater than its parts.

Participation in Cally Trench's project gave another opportunity to further collaboration/interaction with one or more artist. Scary and exciting in equal measure!

But, well worth the risk.

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