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Remarkable Bookshelf 2

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Cally Trench asked the Remarkable and Curious Conversations artists in June 2011 once again what they were reading, and she has made a second zigzag book from photographs of the book spines. The complete reading list is given below.

Only one book is still on the bookshelf from last year: Philip Auslander - Liveness: performance in a mediatized culture.

Several books appear twice: AS Byatt - The Children's Book; Amy Delarue - Land Girls; Cynthia Freeland - Art Theory: A very short introduction; and Sarah Thornton - Seven Days in the Art World. Proust's first volume turns up twice (in English and in French) as Marcel Proust - The Way by Swann's and as Marcel Proust - Du Cote de Chez Swann.

The following Remarkable and Curious Conversations artists and friends responded: Tania Bandeira Duarte, Tineke Bruijnzeels, Marco Cali, Alison Carter Tai, Carol Coates, Claire Deniau, Pauline Edwards, Linda Francis, Judy Goldhill, Lynne Grace, Jane Grisewood, Joanna Hill, Theodore Hill, Patrick Jeffs, Ingrid Jensen, Lydia Maria Julien, Philip Lee, Sophie Loss, Dan Lovelace, Lis Mann, Valérie Mary, John McDowall, Martina O'Shea, Lorraine Pepper-McCrudden, Steve Perfect, Roger Perkins, Ann Rapstoff, Brigitte Ritschard, Joanna Salter, Duncan Sellar, Joan Skelton Smith, Imogen Welch, and Mary Yacoob.

Remarkable Bookshelf 2 by Cally Trench
Remarkable Bookshelf 2 by Cally Trench
Remarkable Bookshelf 2 by Cally Trench
Remarkable Bookshelf 2 by Cally Trench
Remarkable Bookshelf 2 by Cally Trench

Remarkable Reading List

Nicky Albrechtsen and Fola Solanke - Scarves
Kitty Aldridge - Cryers Hill
Francis Alÿs - A Story of Deception
James Anderson - The Affair of The Mutilated Mink
Hannah Arendt - Condition de l'homme moderne
Diana Athill - Midsummer Night in the Workhouse
Philip Auslander - Liveness: performance in a mediatized culture
Élisabeth Badinter - Le Conflit - la femme et la mere
Ramesh S Balsekar - Les Orients de l'être
Iain M Banks - Surface Detail
Muriel Barbery - The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Peter Barry - Beginning Theory
Roland Barthes - The Pleasure of the Text
Kunal Basu - The Miniaturist
MC Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
MC Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet
MC Beaton - Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener
Anthony Beevor - The Battle for Spain
RC Bell - Games to Play
Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
Simon Blackburn - Truth
William Blake - The Complete Illuminated Books
Luther Blissett - Q
Christian Bobin - Autoportrait au radiateur
Yves Bonnefoy - La Vie errante
Jorge Luis Borges - Collected Fictions
Nicolas Bouvier - Oeuvres
Emily Brontë - Wuthering Heights
Anne Brontë - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Bill Bryson - At Home
AS Byatt - The Children's Book
The New cambridge History - VI The Rise of Great Britain and Russia
Hélène Cixous - Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing
Leonard Cohen - Book of Longing
Simon Crichtley - The Book of Dead Philosophers
Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska - The Value of Things
William JR Curtis - Le Corbusier
Salvador Dalí - The Emprodà Triangle
Tessa Dalley (ed) - Art as Therapy
Alain de Botton - Status Anxiety
Amy Delarue - Land Girls
Virginia Despentes - Apocalyse Bébé
Edmund de Waal - The Hare with Amber Eyes
Georges Didi-Huberman - La Demeure La Souche
Georges Didi-Huberman - Être Crâne
Daphne Du Maurier - My Cousin Rachel
Imogen Edward-Jones et al - In Bed With
Richard Eyre and Nicholas Wright - Changing Stages
Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts - Edgelands
The Foucault Reader
Adam Foulds - The Quickening Maze
Kennth Frampton - Modern Architecture
Cynthia Freeland - Art Theory: A very short introduction
Tom Friedman Stephen Fry - The Fry Chronicles
Stephen Fry - Moab is my Washpot
Alan Furst - The Polish Officer
Patrick Gale - Notes from an exhibition
Marjorie Garber - Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life
Elizabeth Gaskell - The Cranford Chronicles
Gerard Genette - Seuils
Polly Ghazi and Judy Jones - Getting a Life
Noah J Goldstein et al - Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion
Harley Granville Barker - Waste
Robert Graves - I, Claudius
Uta Grosenick (ed) - Women Artists
Staffan Grosspelius - Doodle While you Work
Elizabeth Grosz - Chaos, Territory, Art
Jen Harvie - Theatre and the City
Stephen Hawking - Black Holes and Baby Universes
Lucinda Hawksley - Lizzie Siddal
Roy Hay (ed) - Home Grown
Hayward - British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet
Werner Herzog - Of walking In Ice
Carl Hiaasen - Star Island
Edward Hollis - The Secret life of Buildings
David Hopkins - After Modern Art 1945-2000
Siri Hustvedt - The Summer without Men
John Irving - Derniere Nuit a twisted River
Christopher isherwood - Mr Norris Changes Trains
George Johnson - In the Palaces of Memory
Lloyd Jones - Hand Me Down World
Steve Jones - Y: The Descent of Men
Joseph Leo Koerner - Caspar David Friedrich
Konemann - Romaanse Kunst
Penelope Lively - Family Album
John Lockhart - Manual Labour
Djuro Luy - Permettez-moi de ne pas signer
Henning Makell - Firewall
Ngaio Marsh - Surfeit of Lampreys
Mathieu and Stern (ed) - Introduction to German Poetry
Ian McEwan - Solar
José Tollentino Mendonça - A Notte Abre Meus Olhos
Florence de Mèredieu - Histoire matérielle et immatérielle de l'art modern
Maurice Merleau-Ponty - Le visible et l'invisible
Rohinton Mistry - A Fine Balance
The Complete Spike Milligan
David Mitchell - The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Stephen Nachmanovitch - Free Play
Azar Nafisi - Reading Lolita in Tehran
The Nature Companion to Practical Skywatching
Gilles Néret - Salvador Dalí
Charles Nicholl - The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street
Virginia Nicholson - Among the Bohemians
Joyce Carol Oates - Blonde
Joyce Carol Oates - Journal 1973-1982
Michael Ondaatje - Anil's Ghost
Gabriel Orozco
Amos Oz - A Perfect Peace
Roger Penrose - Cycles of Time
The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Georges Perec - W, or the Memory of Childhood
Adam Phillips - On Balance
Salvador Plascenia - The People on Paper
Plato - The Republic
Denis Podalydès - Voix Off
Francine Prose - The Lives of the Muses
Annie Proulx - Close Range, Brokeback Mountain and other stories
Marcel Proust - The Way by Swann's
Marcel Proust - Du Côté de Chez Swann
Wendy Richmond - Art Without Compromise
Peter Robinson (ed) - Reading Poetry
Rother Walking Guide - Madeira
Richard Schechner - Environmental Theatre
Charles M Sculz - L'intégrale Peanuts
WH Sebald - The Emigrants
Sam Selvon - The Lonely Londoners
Jo Shapcott - Of Mutability
Rebecca Solnitt - A Field Guide to Getting Lost
Rebecca Solnitt - Wanderlust
Susan Sontag - Reborn
Tamsin Spargo - Foucault and Queer Theory
John Steinbeck - East of Eden
Alexander Stobbs - A Passion for Living
Tacitus - The Annals
Alice Taylor - To School Through the Fields
Sarah Thornton - Seven Days in the Art World
Times 2 Crossword 14
The Times Crossword Book 10
John Updike - The Poorhouse Fair
John Updike - Rabbit, Run
Tom Vanderbilt - Traffic
Fred Vargas - Dans les bois éternels
Nigel Warburton - Philosophy The Basics
RH Warmington - Carthage
Marina Warner(curator) - Only Make Believe: Ways of Seeing
Twigs Way - A Nation of Gardeners
Francis Wheen - Karl Marx
Wiley - Nikon D3100 Digital Field Guide
DW Winnicott - Playing and Reality
Emily Winterburn - The Stargazer's Guide
Irvin Yalom - Dans le secret des miroirs
Marguerite Yourcenar - Quoi? L'éternité
Marcus Zuzak - The Book Thief

Cally Trench
Tineke Bruijnzeels
Marco Cali
Alison Carter Tai
Claire Deniau
Judy Goldhill
Joanna Hill
Theodore Hill
Patrick Jeffs
Ingrid Jensen
Lydia Maria Julien
Philip Lee
Sophie Loss
Dan Lovelace
Lis Mann
Jane Grisewood
Tânia Bandeira Duarte
Carol Coates
Lynne Grace
Linda Francis
Valérie Mary
Martina O’Shea
Lorraine Pepper-McCrudden
Steve Perfect
Roger Perkins
Ann Rapstoff
Brigitte Ritschard
Duncan Sellar
Joan Skelton Smith
Imogen Welch
Mary Yacoob

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