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Curated by Cally Trench

Ben Steren Bell
Remarkable and Curious Record Label

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Remarkable and Curious Record Label was a project by Ben Steren Bell, assisted by Duncan Sellar and Dan Lovelace.

In January 2012, Ben wrote: Last week I visited the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden, early (for me) one morning after a particularly heavy night in Falmouth. After sitting peacefully in Hepworth's greenhouse collecting my thoughts for an hour or so (obviously concerning the invigilator who probably thought I had settled in for the day) I left, turning right down the hill to continue my recuperation over a poached haddock brunch at a nearby café. On the way I passed the Plumbline and Orchard gallery, which I had heard mentioned by friends but had not made any effort to actually visit. Ducking in impulsively, I found a show of works by a painter who had created a series of fractured, collaged portraits on top of pre-war era record covers. Although they would have been relatively visually sparse in their untouched state, they exerted a subtle but potent influence over the final image even covered in paint, bits of magazines and other record covers and drawn and scratched marks. They made me think about the huge part music plays in my everyday, and the enduring impact it can have over the course of one's life. I flippantly thought to myself: if I was to make an album that summed up my life (or an aspect of my life), what would it be called and what kind of music would it be?

With this in mind, Ben invited members of Remarkable and Curious Conversations to join him in creating a collection of fictional records for the Remarkable and Curious record label. The question is: if your life were a record, what would it be called?

Ben's own record would be Some Hope by Benjamin Bell and the Sobering Confessions. Trad country. Vanity label.

Judging by Appearances
by AliCaT the unremarkable (but insatiably curious)

Multi genre: classical, choral, folk and blues, jazz
Scrapbook label

1. Little Nut Tree Idyll
2. I can see the Sea
3. From Blyton to Odyssey
4. Piano and Purple Cushions
5. Photographic Memory
6. Behind Closed Doors
7. Mary Poppin's Gladstone Bag
8. Nice but Naughty
10. Tiger moth and Beetle wing
11. Quilty Secrets
12. Bohemian, Textural, Referenced
13. Briefs encountered
14. Hunter gatherer of Memorabilia
15. Revisiting Childhood

The Ghosts
by Alan Prosser

1. Fairies and Wolves
2. Making Rainbows
3. Tenderly
4. Adultery
5.The Anatomy of Love
6. The Ghosts
7. Don't Know, Can't Know
8. Trim Tabs
9. Negotiating with Thieves
10. Fairies and Wolves (Reprise)

Life - album A- I should have been a girl
by Philip Lee

1. I should have been a girl (Sung by Jasmine)
2. Chest to Chest
3. The very Gneiss Rock Song
4. Short Hair Long Socks
5. Three times a daddy
6. Ardnamurchan blues
7. He's a big boy but he's all right
8. I use to sit behind her on the bus
9. You rapped my knuckles but I'm okay!
10. I had it thrust upon me

Loves - album B - If only I was an angel too
by Philip Lee

1. If only I was an angel too
2. Slipping back to you at night girl
3. Lost in the landscape of your mind
4. Suck
5. Always
6. Magical
7. Double Helix
8. I am and that's that
9. The rabbits are having babies
10. If you were naked you wouldn't be ignored

Ten Days Late
by Peaches in Winter

The early songs. Folk rock.

1. Ten days late
2. When I cry the lights turn to stars
3. My grandma's ironing again, and I'm hiding in the woodshed
4. Will she come back for me?
5. Living by a river
6. The night the chimney got struck by lightning I knew it had to be fun
7. Brainy girl lovesick blues
8. My grandma's ironing and it isn't good news
9. Talk all night
10. I can see the harbour if I try
11. Serial lovers for a serious girl
12. Lost in paint

Ben Steren Bell
Dan Lovelace
Duncan Sellar
Alison Carter Tai
Alan Prosser
Philip Lee
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