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Joan Skelton Smith and Steve Perfect

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Joan Skelton Smith made a paper cut-out based on a detail of a photograph taken by Steve Perfect.

Detail by Joan Skelton Smith

Joan Skelton Smith, Detail (2011)
Paper cutout
Based on a detail of a photograph by Steve Perfect

Joan Skelton Smith: It was very difficult to choose just one of Steve's series of photographs. As a series they reminded me George Shaw's paintings of the housing estate where he grew up, as well as Michael Landy's Nourishment series of etchings of urban weeds.

I chose 127 for many reasons. I love the patterns and the layering of images. I like that the framing makes me feel a part of the image, something that I try to achieve with my own work. There is the beauty of the cascading vine at the centre and the mystery of the faint buildings in the far distance. The black vertical pattern in the foreground has the feeling of bars; as if the viewer is in a cage or trapped in 'a secret garden'.

Steve gave me permission to use his photo as the basis for my own paper cut-out and I decided to work with the cascading vine which is wrapping itself around the bars. Isolated as it is from the lush greenery of the photograph, the bars become more prominent and image takes on a more sinister feel.

Steve Perfect's Places photographs.

Joan Skelton Smith
Steve Perfect