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Philip Lee

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Sitting Slip I by Philip Lee

Philip Lee
Sitting Slip I (2009)
Installation and live performance
South Hill Park, Bracknell, 17 April 2009
Photograph: Arnaud Moinet

My prima materia is my own body. I also use clay and other materials in my performances, which usually involve changing the surface of the body. These transformations may be durational or theatrical and often include an element of endurance. Performances integrate live mark-making with the body and sculptural display, all taking place within, and contributing to, gallery installations. These reflect the performances, showing traces of the live event, with video projections or photographs. During performances, ritualistic actions have been used to convey ideas about masculinity, loss and the body's deterioration. I see the body as a link between our internal and external worlds, and hope the live performance engages people and moves them to think about their own corporeal existence.

I have been exhibiting and performing throughout the UK since 2000. In April 2009 I presented performances at The Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock, South Hill Park in Bracknell and The Courtauld Institute in London.

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