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Pauline Edwards

Arse about Face by Pauline Edwards
Pauline Edwards, Arse about Face
Oil on linen with collage 192 x 92cm
Woman's Foot in a Man's World by Pauline Edwards
Pauline Edwards, Woman's Foot in a Man's World
Mixed media Dimensions variable

Women have always been sources of inspiration to the artist from the Madonna to the Odalisque, and women have always been a constant motif throughout the history of art. Berthe Morisot, the 19th century Impressionist painter, portrayed women in their role of nurturing and the domestic environment, whereas the twenty-first century artist Tracy Emin portrays an autobiographical account of her life as a woman living in today's fast moving image and media conscious society.

My work, however, centres on not the woman as a motif but the female as an essence, the difference being I am interested in the 'Femaleness' of a women's persona - those nuances and foibles that contribute to being female, little things that could be viewed as very ordinary but still contribute to our femininity.

My ideas are generated by magazine culture and general observations. The ideas often dictate the materials that bring them to fruition. For example, in the installation A Women's Foot in a Man's World I used cardboard and sticky tape, which is often associated with table top crafts performed by the hands of women. In the painting Arse about Face I was looking at the expensive designer fashion adverts in magazines and exploring the possibilities of what happens when you take things literally. I see my work as a social commentary rather than a statement about femininity; in some ways it is not unlike the comedian who stands up in front of an audience and comments on a subject through his or her humorous observations.

I have a BA Honours in Fine Art from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College and an MFA from the University of Reading.

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