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Patrick Jeffs

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Stormy by Patrick Jeffs

Patrick Jeffs
Stormy (2008)
Acrylic on paper, 90 x 140 cm

Patrick Jeffs is a painter who lives and works in his native Oxfordshire. He has exhibited widely in this country and has also been involved in exhibitions and projects in Germany, France and Poland.

He writes: I do not consider my work to be figurative or abstract. For me the process of painting is a struggle to unite form and content in the search to create images which are convincingly real and have an emotionally resonance. Patterns of thought established in the formative period of creative development have a profound and lasting effect on the work produced by an artist. The formative period for me was during the early sixties and at that time I saw my work fitting within the modernist tradition which was strongly influenced by American abstract painting. My work has undergone many changes since then, but I am aware that my reaction to new situations and influences is still conditioned, to some extent, by ideas formed at that time. I welcome the opportunity to interact with artists whose work has developed from a background which is very different from mine and look forward to experiencing the outcomes and insights that result from these meetings.

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