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Claire Deniau and Joanna Hill
Painting and Moving Image

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We embarked on a journey to explore the boundaries between painting and moving image: colour, texture, mark, light, gesture, movement ... a desire to define and create a space where they both converge as a whole, and also preserve their individuality/identity. The journey was unknown, taking form in a process of experimentation.

The Orange Painting by Claire Deniau

Claire Deniau, The Orange Painting (2009)
Oil on linen, 33 x 24 cm

The journey began with an exploration of 'in-between' or undefined colours. 'The starting point of our collaboration was for me to produce an orange painting. It took me a few months to produce The Orange Painting. I thought it was going to be really easy. It has actually been a real challenge to think about orange as the painting's main colour, raising questions about vision's subjectivity, colour perception and colours interactions. It became obvious to me that orange couldn't be the only colour ...' [Claire].

Heideger considered that every still object is actually an object in movement ... it has to be in movement in order to be still ... a thought which I have been starting to think of in relation to our project ... how is it possible to represent the movement which is behind stillness, or actually IN stillness?

Claire Deniau
Joanna Hill

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