Remarkable and Curious Conversations

Curated by Cally Trench

Alison Carter Tai and Joan Skelton Smith
Open Work

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Rickrack by Joan Skelton Smith

Joan Skelton Smith, Rickrack
Photograph of vintage needlework on black background

Ginkgo tree near Aldermaston by Alison Carter Tai

Alison Carter Tai, Ginkgo tree near Aldermaston
(November 2009) Colour photograph

Joan Skelton Smith: I sent Alison Carter Tai my response to What is an artist? and I have been sending her quotes from other artists as I find them in my reading. I am working on my response to the more probing questions which she has also sent out. Additionally we have been discussing our common interest in textiles, in particular women's clothing and needlework. I am beginning my Women's work project with a paper cut based on a photo of a piece of needlework from my collection, and I am looking forward to getting images from Alison's collection. I am also planning a cut-out from Alison's photo of a ginkgo branch.

Alison Carter Tai: We finally met face to face at the opening reception for At Play 2 on 16th April. Joan has lent me a book about underwear, in German, and I have sent her a photo of the leaves of a ginkgo tree that she might turn into a silhouette.

Alison Carter Tai
Joan Skelton Smith

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