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Martina O'Shea

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Hide and Seek by Martina O'Shea

Martina O'Shea
Hide and Seek (2009)
Colour photographic print

Martina O'Shea is a London-based Irish artist. She graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2003 with a degree in Fine Art Painting. Her artwork takes many forms of expression including painting and photography, sculpture, drawing and animation and curated art events. Her project Hop Skip examined ideas of games and took place in Liquid Studios as part of the Hackney Wicked festival.

Her interest in psychological states rather than the real world has led her to explore notions of the uncanny and binary opposites which stemmed from her research into Derrida's theory, who acknowledged the human tendency to think in opposites. She is fascinated with the opposing elements at play in life and the dichotomies that exist between all things. Her interest in Foucault's theory of the 'in-between' space has provoked her to continue to play with the blur between what is imagined and what is perceived to be as it is the element of the unexpected and the unknown, which is the driving force in her life and artwork.

Previous work has explored notions of the macabre by the means of slow shutter speed photography. Through this medium she creates an in-between stage, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

More recent investigations into meditation, life cycles and psychological states led her to start a project which was an animation and a series of photographs of hula hoopers based on the flower of life.

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