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Lynne Grace

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Johnsons Pond by Lynne Grace

Lynne Grace, Johnsons Pond
Etching with aquatint
Ed. artist proof 5
Plate size: 31.5cm x 25cm
Paper size: 48cm x 43.5cm

Lynne Grace writes: My work explores the juxtaposition between abstract and representation and reflects the experience of being in the landscape with water being a constant theme throughout my work. Inspiration for my work is always based on personal experience and I respond to a particular time or space and want to offer the viewer an intimacy with the landscape as I have experienced it.

I am experimental in my practice and search for the fine balance between the unconscious flow and direct control of the media. The space between accidental and the deliberate offers the opportunity for areas of light, movement and emotion to exist in the work. In all my work I seek to re-create the pleasure and mystery that the landscape brings to me.

I now live in Dorset surrounded by the beautiful Jurrassic coastline, a huge source of inspiration. In December 2010 I graduated from Bucks New University with a distinction in MA Printmaking.

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