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Lydia Maria Julien

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Serie IDGF 1 by Lydia Maria Julien

Lydia Maria Julien
Serie IDGF 1 (2007)
BW hand prints on aluminium
30 x 40 inches

To begin with, I rarely if ever make copies. I do not make endless reproductions. I reckon that a photographed is as much a work to have a visceral sense as well as viewed.

For me as an artist, photography is work, nervous, anticipatory, physical, draining, desperately lonely and sometimes overcrowded with people. Intensely sensual and arousing. I want to stain the seizure of the image condition across the light crystals of film.

I am fascinated by the human body and the human condition. Using myself in my work and sometimes other people there isn't an end to all that my camera and I can capture. But I find this difficult. Difficult to write about my work. It's better if I see you, speak to you, gesture with my flailing hands. You would get it then. You would get what I am trying to say because sometimes there just aren't the words.

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