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Patrick Jeffs
Looking Down

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Patrick Jeffs Looking Down

Patrick Jeffs, Looking Down (2012)
Acrylic on canvas - a monochrome painting
based on drawings supplied by Cally Trench
and Philip Lee, 220 x 80 cm

Patrick Jeffs: I decided to make a drawing which incorporated images created by other artists. These images were to be based on the idea of looking down - imagine for instance looking down from an aircraft, or looking at objects washed up on a beach or surveying litter on a street. If the drawings involved an illusion of three dimensional form, they should have been visualised as seen from directly overhead. As I intended the final drawing to be displayed on the floor it was important that the images were designed to be seen from any direction. Of course the images could be purely abstract. The images had to be in black paint or ink on white.

Two artists, Cally Trench and Philip Lee, responded with images that suggested a contrast between order and wildness.

Patrick Jeffs
Cally Trench
Philip Lee

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