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Kay Sentance

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Sandcastles by Kay Sentance

Kay Sentance, Sandcastles (2009)
Installation of miniature sandcastles
in Bracknell and at South Hill Park
Photograph: Roger Perkins

Kay Sentance is primarily a Theatre Prop-Maker, who grew up in Germany.

She studied Interior Architecture at the FH (Fachhochschule) Düsseldorf.

Through working in architectural offices for four years and fourteen years in theatres Kay's work looks at the human interaction with space and scale.

Although still working in Theatre, over the past 5 years Kay's work has gradually moved out of the 'dark' and much more into our everyday surroundings where the 'spectator' becomes partaker. Kay likes to engage people through familiar circumstances in unfamiliar settings encouraging them to revisit everyday situations from a different perspective.

As each space differs so does Kay's approach according to the given space and context. This tends to be conceptual with a main interest in participatory art and interventions.

Kay's Sandcastles formed part of South Hill Park's show At Play. For this Kay placed miniature sandcastles in the galleries space as well as setting them in random places around Bracknell City Centre in response to the architecture.

Other work includes ArtWash. This is an artist-led inter-art social occasion that likes to support artists to show work in unconventional spaces. One event was in a Chinese Take-Out.

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