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Judy Goldhill

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Towards Another Place 1 by Judy Goldhill

Judy Goldhill
Towards Another Place 1 (April 2009)
Photograph 420 x 594 mm

Judy Goldhill has been involved in photography since attending the Central School of Art. After graduating, she became the Picture Editor of the British Journal of Photography and Co-editor of Creative Camera.

Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer. In 2007 she graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins. She has exhibited widely, both in the UK and abroad, as well as receiving an Arts Council Grant.

Judy Goldhill writes: My practice is inextricably linked to buildings, to architecture, and to looking at the self within the confines of architectural space; where the boundary between the real and the unreal is blurred, leading to confusion between the knowable and the other.

In still and moving image, I am exploring the substance of life, of living within a framework contained in the theatre of a building. I am interested in the interior space and how it relates to the human form, and how it defines a relationship between the self and our environment, both built and natural. How do we confront and negotiate those places that we occupy?

Through the lens I am capturing a vapour-like and often elusive atmosphere where our bodies are captured within the fabric of the building.

I am passionate about liminal spaces and the dislocated notions of nostalgia, memory and the body. The inspiration for my current work are those spaces between lost and found, which, through the use of the lens, reflect the gap between our personal assumptions and the world beyond us, to being contained in a single frame.

Recent Exhibitions include:

At Play, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berkshire
Suffolkscapes, Thorpeness, Suffolk
Living Form, The Muse at 269, The Drawing Room, London

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