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Joanna Hill

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Pomegranates by Joanna Hill

Joanna Hill
Pomegranates (2007)
3-screen video projection

Oysters by Joanna Hill

Joanna Hill
Oysters (2008)
3-screen video projection

Some things are timeless, they exist with some sort of constancy, in a world around them that changes. I feel that these timeless qualities and experiences connect the past with the present and the future.

I primarily work in moving image. In recent works I've been taking still life painting as a starting point: the material base of life that is constantly overlooked. Working with food, objects, acts and gesture to reflect an interior world of feelings, experience and memory.

I aim to make some transformation and create a contemporary reading of the issues at play. I am interested in the relationship between still and moving, and how this reflects and influences our perception of time and space and create a space for projection or reverie. It is my desire to keep the viewer in a state of being and take pleasure in the moment. The work is slow. I would like to still time then let it gently nudge on.

It is my intention that this moving image is present like a painting, not viewed like a film or something on television.

Exhibitions include: At home at Maddox Arts, London (March 2009).
Old Masters Reinterpreted (July-August 2009) at Rollo Contemporary Art, London.
Seduced at the Windows Gallery, Central Saint Martins, in collaboration with the Barbican's exhibition Sex & Art from Antiquity to Now (December 2007-January 2008).

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