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Jane Grisewood

Line Dialogue III by Jane Grisewood
Jane Grisewood, Line Dialogue III
(2009) one-hour collaborative
performance, charcoal and
graphite on wall, 900 x 200 cm
Centre for Drawing Project Space,
Photograph: Nick Manser
Marking Time: Waiting by Jane Grisewood
Jane Grisewood
Marking Time: Waiting (2005)
hand-drawn continuous ink line
on translucent paper
in three sections, 3m x 21.5cm
Jerwood Space, London

Jane Grisewood is a New Zealand-born artist and part-time lecturer based in London who worked for many years in book publishing before returning to university to study fine art. After graduating with a first class honours BA she gained her Masters at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, where she completed a practice-based PhD. She has received several awards, including two from the Arts Council, and participated in a wide range of exhibitions, residencies and collaborative projects.

Grisewood's work explores themes of time and transience, dislocation and memory through works on paper, still and moving image, performance and writing. Overlaps and drifts between different media and the use of repetitive processes form a link between the act of making, retracing memory and mapping movement.

Drawing is the key activity in her work, where drawing is predicated on touch and derived from thought and memory rather than appearance and observation. She is interested in the shifts between visible and invisible, control and chance, stillness and movement, studio and street. Her body has become the performative tool used to 'draw' lines as a fluid and multi-layered process of recording rather than as a linear progression, where the line is a journey: a moving 'between'.

Katharine Stout, a curator at Tate Britain and associate director of The Drawing Room in London, writes that Grisewood 'investigates the in-between spaces, recording through drawings, notes or photographs interventions that capture a moment in time whilst simultaneously tracing its passing'. Identifying her practice of marking time: 'Yet beyond the process-driven undertaking, these works offer a beautiful abstract landscape of sorts, a geological mapping of a moment'.

Recent work explores temporal presence, repetition and recollection through live performance drawing and collaborative projects with her Drawn Together group and with the AM Bruno collective.

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