Remarkable and Curious Conversations

Curated by Cally Trench

Ingrid Jensen

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Ingrid Jensen's Interface project is an extension of the drawing process. Ingrid writes: Drawing is feeling one's way around the object with eyes remotely linked to pencil, so it's almost like running the pencil all over the subject, exploring every part. Interface is about doing away with the pencil. It's also about exploring the personal space between people - we often think it's OK to explore people's personal topography provided we don't touch them. In Interface, participants are invited to imagine they are "drawing" each other's faces by gently running a finger over the facial surface and features.

Visitors to The Remarkable Shed Party on Sunday 15th July 2012 had an opportunity to take part in Interface.

Interface: Photo Joan Skelton Smith

Claire Deniau and Valérie Mary
participate in Interface
Photograph: Joan Skelton Smith

Ingrid Jensen
Claire Deniau
Valérie Mary
Steve Perfect
Marco Cali

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