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Imogen Welch

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Data Protection by Imogen Welch

Imogen Welch, Data Protection (2008)
Office equipment, furniture, envelopes
w 155 cm, d 130 cm, h 140 cm

Imogen Welch worked in computing for years before returning to education to do a Fine Art degree. She was active in the Watford Recycling Arts Project and was resident artist at the Apsley Paper Trail - a project that combines heritage, education, recycling and art.

Her practice concentrated on the relationship between surface and object and often involved the obsessive transformation of real world objects by the addition of everyday materials or substances, making the ordinary 'uncanny' and taking the familiar into new territory.

In Data Protection, patterns from the inside of business envelopes are exquisitely 'patch worked' onto an office workstation. 'Security envelopes' have patterns to prevent opportunists getting information from letters and statements. Currently we're obsessed with the security of digital data and identity theft, so this piece is a vain attempt to prevent our information falling into the wrong hands.

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