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Alex Dewart
Fuchsia River, Fuchsia Sea

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Alex Dewart Fuchsia River

Alex Dewart, Fuchsia River (2010)
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Alex Dewart Fuchsia Sea

Alex Dewart, Fuchsia Sea (2010)
Oil on canvas, 160 x 120cm

Alex Dewart wrote: I had two studio days firstly looking at my own work and then looking at Patrick Jeffs's work. Imogen Welch was present at the first at my studio, and then Cally Trench and Pat at Pat's studio.

From my conversation with Imogen one word she used especially stood out - INVASIVE. I hadn't really thought of the work in terms of this, but it gave me a focus for later paintings - of which these two are examples. In these the prominent pattern appears and disappears like a wallpaper which is always there but is maybe sometimes overpainted. It resides like a memory, emerging at unexpected times.

In this particular body of work I had become rather constrained by my process - I sketched the painting on the computer and then more or less transferred it exactly to the canvas. I liked very much how Pat's process allowed for the development of different painterly marks. Following this, I included areas of quite free wash which by their nature are unpredictable in their outcome. These 'free' areas also contrasted effectively with the very controlled patterned areas of the painting.

My latest work has taken the idea of combining a fixed area of pattern with looser more painterly sections and interpreted it in a different way. Instead of painting patterns on the canvas I have been painting directly onto printed fabrics.

I think that these two conversations had this very direct effect both on the work I was doing and my practice today.

Fuchsia River and Fuchsia Sea were shown at Remarkable Place on 24th and 25th March 2012.

Alex Dewart
Patrick Jeffs
Cally Trench
Imogen Welch

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