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Lis Mann
Earliest Memories Quilt

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Earliest Memories Quilt

Earliest Memories Quilt (2012) by Lis Mann
Work in progress

Lis Mann invited Remarkable and Curious Conversations artists to send her their earlies memories in a sentence, handwritten, by post.

Ten artists contributed memories: Joan Skelton Smith, Lis Mann, Patrick Jeffs, Carol Coates, Lynne Grace, Alison Carter Tai, Philip Lee, Cally Trench, Pauline Edwards, and Steve Perfect.

Lis writes: I cut up the replies and then printed them onto cotton fabric, and handstitched them in different colours, a different one for each respondent. I had enough for a child's quilt. The resulting quilt reflected earliest childhood memories.

Lis Mann
Joan Skelton Smith
Patrick Jeffs
Carol Coates
Lynne Grace
Alison Carter Tai
Cally Trench
Pauline Edwards
Philip Lee
Steve Perfect

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