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Dan Lovelace

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Self portrait with sock puppet by Dan Lovelace

Dan Lovelace
Self portrait
with sock puppet
Housepaint on screenprinting frames
Approx. 12 x 12 ft

Dan's practice focuses on what might be described as mental landscapes or mindscapes. He uses composite imagery and a combination of painting and drawing in an effort to get to grips with questions of identity and notions of self. The formats for his work are varied, from large paintings on old screen printing frames, to smaller paintings on canvas or paper, or collages that might start life as postcards.

Employing these previously used materials, using their existing marks or imagery gives a physical starting point, allowing Dan to add, subtract, reform and reference intuitively whilst working.

Part of his work is the development of a visual language through the use of marks, symbols and an ever evolving cast of characters and found imagery.

Source material is eclectic, taken from a variety of elements of the ordinary and everyday; this is not a search for a geographical context, more an exploration into the many aspects of life that coalesce to form identity.

'These comic constructions grapple with boyhood and its evolving perspectives, exploring lines between childhood storybook, adult fantasy, and sexual liberation; innocent and not-so-innocent looking ... the provocative suspension of childhood, adulthood, and sensitive boundaries between innocent and sexual play. Comic-book bubbles, squiggles, crayons, and the use of cartoons all jest at the idea of playroom art attack.' (Cherwell magazine review of Looting AND Liberation exhibition at Lolapoloza Gallery, October 2006)

These elements are allowed to filter into paintings and collages and videos, and are encouraged to evolve so that they develop into something completely new that was not preconceived.

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