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Claire Deniau and Valérie Mary

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Colexquis: An exquisite corpse in/with/about colour between Claire Deniau (Paris) and Valérie Mary (Bordeaux).

Colexquis by Claire Deniau and Valérie Mary

Valérie Mary
Oil on paper, 18 x 14 cm

Colexquis by Claire Deniau and Valérie Mary

Claire Deniau
Gouache on paper, 14 x 18 cm

The project started with a flat support, dimensions 18 x 14 cm.

One of the artists started colouring it (no further rules), put her initials and date on the back and posted it to the other artist, adding the image on the blog. The other artist picked up a colour from one of the edge of the image, and indicated the position on the back with her initials. Then she replicated the colour and its position on a new work (adding her name and date at the back of it). Then she created a whole new image that she sent back, keeping the first work, etc...

The marks at the back of the successive works helped define the final display as a visual exquisite corpse.

Each step of the process only required the posting of the last image created.

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Claire Deniau
Valérie Mary

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