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Carol Coates

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Doll by Carol Coates

Carol Coates, Doll (2010)
Acrylic on canvas,
24 x 18 cm (approx)

I am a painter, illustrator and educator, and I regularly exhibit in solo and group exhibitions both locally and nationally.

In my work I explore human relationships, memories of childhood and social issues through the medium of paint and print. I work rapidly and instinctively and often decision making and critical analysis will be made before and after an intense period of mark making. Working in this way I feel that I am able to communicate deeply emotional and personal issues.

The majority of my work is expressive and figurative, but I also have interests in the urban landscape and the effects of global recession on industry and communities. There is strong narrative feel to my work and man's struggle against adversity is a common theme. Recent work has explored how innocent play can be subverted, and where children's toys and imagery can have more sinister undertones portraying the child as plaything.

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