Private Property (2008)

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Cally Trench writes: 'For Private Property (2008), I took on the role of explorer and cartographer. I mapped an area around where I live, including houses and a cemetery, at ground level, noting what I could (and couldn't) see. The areas that cannot be seen at ground level are painted in the yellow ochre colour often used in maps to depict deserts. The drawings follow the common map conventions of showing the area from above using orthogonal projection.'

Private Property 1
Private Property 3
Private Property 2
Private Property 4

Each drawing is in ink and acrylic on paper, 70 x 70 cm.

Private property was exhibited in Pavilion II at the Buckinghamshire County Museum and The Great Purpose in the Mile End Art Pavilion in 2008; and Surface! at The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock in 2009; in Get Carta at Karin Janssen Project Space, London (curated by Stephen Harwood) in 2012; and in The Art of Dying at Wycombe Museum in 2017.

The four drawings are intended to be shown in a grid:

Private Property 1 Private Property 2
Private Property 3 Private Property 4

Cally Trench's homepage