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Josh Hagley is an Oxford-graduate film and classical composer, based in North London. His previous work for film includes 1896 (2015, starring Samantha Michelle), and music for theatre (Collaborators, 2014 Production at the Oxford Union).

Alongside arranging and orchestration work, most recently for the Orchestra of the Swan in 2016, he continues to score multiple films, currently engaging in a collaborative project with artist Cally Trench for future exhibition.

As a trained pianist, with past solo performances at Wigmore Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, and The Royal Over-Seas League, this musical history continues to inform his scoring and compositional processes, alongside important work at the Purcell School of the Music, Britain's Oldest Specialist Music School.

Past performances of his classical works have occurred in venues from the Royal College of Music, London, to Westminster Abbey, by ensembles such as the Aurora Orchestra, the Doha String Quartet, and the Royal Opera House Orchestra under Sir Antonio Pappano.

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See below for links to Cally Trench's films scored by Josh Hagley:

Josh Hagley

A Walk in the Cemetery by Cally Trench

Watch A Walk in the Cemetery
on YouTube

Windmills by
 Cally Trench

Watch Windmills
on YouTube

Face by Cally Trench

Watch Face
on YouTube

Peephole Hut by Cally Trench and Philip Lee

Watch Peephole Hut
on Youtube
Cemetery Botany by Cally Trench

Watch Cemetery Botany
on YouTube

Roses Hat by Cally Trench

Watch Roses Hat
on Youtube.

Pink House by
 Cally Trench

Watch Pink House
on YouTube

Sphinx by Cally Trench

Watch Sphinx
on YouTube

Hand by
 Cally Trench

Watch Hand
on YouTube
The Horse's Mouth by Cally Trench

Watch The Horse's Mouth
on YouTube
Chess Wars by Cally Trench

Watch Chess Wars
on Youtube
Windmills, Cemetery Botany and A Walk in the Cemetery are being shown in The Art of Dying at Wycombe Museum (November 2017 to March 2018).

Hand, Roses Hat and Face were shown in the Film Night on 10th November 2017 during Lost & Found (curated by Mervyn Diese) at the Hundred Years Gallery, London.

Face, Peephole Hut, Chess Wars, Cemetery Botany and Pink House were shown at the Candid Projection Room, London, 19th September 2017.

Hand was shown in Draw/Bridge, Zug/Brücke (curated by Alex Dewart) at ARTHOUSE1, London, August 2017.

Face was shown in Faces by Cally Trench in the special exhibitions gallery at Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury, 15th July to 9th September 2017.

Roses Hat and Pink House were shown in Videovada 2017, Festival of the Moving Image, OVADA, Oxford, 15th June 2017.

Peephole Hut was shown in Live Art Cinema: It's Alive!, organised by Homes for Waifs and Strays and the Magic Cinema, at The Edge, Birmingham, 25th May 2017.

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