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Cally Trench worked in Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury for four days in March 2008, making map-like paintings that show the colours and patterns that the spaces in the shopping centre evoke for her. All the paintings are in ink and acrylic on watercolour paper, paper size 50 x 75 cm.

Cally Trench: Plan A

Cally Trench
Plan A from Emotional Maps, 2008

Cally Trench: Plan B

Cally Trench
Plan B from Emotional Maps, 2008

Cally Trench: Plan C

Cally Trench
Plan C from Emotional Maps, 2008

Cally Trench: Plan D

Cally Trench
Plan D from Emotional Maps, 2008

Cally Trench: Plans E & F

Cally Trench
Plans E & F
from Emotional Maps, 2008

Cally Trench was joined by groups of children (aged between 5 and 12) from six local schools during the week. They too made colour paintings that reflected their personal responses to the spaces in Friars Square Shopping Centre. The resulting work was shown in the shopping centre over the Easter weekend (21st-25th March 2008).

The project gave the children the opportunity to work alongside an artist. It also gave them experience of making colour choices and mixing paint. The project emphasised the importance of each child's personal choices and decisions in making art. It allowed them to think about and demonstrate their feelings and responses to the public spaces and shops in the shopping centre. The project was also intended to be a source of discussion back at their schools.

The schools involved were Haddenham Community Junior School, Quainton CE Combined School, Westcott CE School, Waddesdon Village Primary School, Whitchurch Combined School, and Quarrendon School. These are all partner schools of Waddesdon School, which is a specialist visual arts college. The project was organised by Art Works for Business in partnership with Friars Square Shopping Centre and Waddesdon School.

Cally Trench has also made a limited edition book An Emotional Atlas of Friars Square.

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