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Roses Hat (2017) is made up of photographs taken on a 1950s analogue Kodak Brownie 127 camera using black-and-white film, with the hat coloured by hand. Each member of the family of four takes it in turn to wear the rose-decorated hat and sit in the white chair, while the others move along the bench. The music was specially written for the film by composer Josh Hagley.[20 seconds] Completion date: 4th February 2017.

Life Screenings One Minute Film Festival August 2022

Roses Hat was an Official Selection in the Life Screenings One Minute Film Festival - August 2022. Curated by Banks Helfrich. Screened via Facebook on Saturday 27th August 2022, including participation by Cally Trench in a Q&A with the curator.

Roses Hat was shown in Only The Sunny Hours in June 2018 at OpenHandOpenSpace, Brock Keep, Reading.

Roses Hat was screened at the Lost & Found Film Night on 10th November 2017 during Lost & Found (curated by Mervyn Diese) at the Hundred Years Gallery, London.

Roses Hat was first screened at Videovada 2017, Festival of the Moving Image, OVADA, Oxford on 15th June 2017.

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