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In Cemetery Botany (2016), the stone carvings of flowers on Victorian and Edwardian graves come to life. The music was specially written for the film by composer Josh Hagley. [2 minutes 21 seconds] Completion date: 30th November 2016.

"I love the Cemetery Botany one, the opposition between life and death... It's just great." (Valérie Mary, 2015)
"Cemetery Botany - simple but beautiful." (Diana Bell, 2015)
"Mmmmm... interesting, they instantly have the Cally Trench playful pop art manner about them. There is the feeling of passage of time, change, aging and the essence of revitalisation. Cemeteries are amazing places, markers of past lives. There is something satisfying and worthwhile about freshly retracing directly over the old. I like colouring in, not enough importance is placed on the process. I really like it when you colour in the leaves and the different ways you colour them. Lurid colours over mouldy stone is quite funny really; of course to an artist/historian it reads as a playful nod to the original coloured intentions of ancient sculpture, the digital application really highlights the colouring process well I think." (Guy Tarrant, 2015)
"J'aime beaucoup cette video. Simple, explicite et l'idée me plait. Les tombes sont toujours très mornes et cela fait du bien de voir ce qu'ils imaginaient en les faisant c'était finalement bien plus gai que le résultat bien trop sage." (Kaliko, 2015)

Cemetery Botany was included in a showreel of three of Cally's films at Fun things to do when you're dead at Cambridge City Crematorium on 13th May 2023.

Life Screenings International Short Film Festival 2023

Cemetery Botany was an Official Selection in the Life Screenings International Short Film Festival - March 2023. Curated by Banks Helfrich. Screened via Facebook on Saturday 25th March 2023.

Cemetery Botany was shown in The Art of Dying at Wycombe Museum, November 2017 to April 2018.

Cemetery Botany was screened at the Candid Projection Room, London on 19th September 2017.

An earlier silent version of Cemetery Botany was screened at Videovada 2016 Festival of the Moving Image at OVADA, Oxford, on 24th June 2016.

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