Curated by
Cally Trench and Dr Outi Remes

South Hill Park, 2009

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At Play, curated by Cally Trench and Outi Remes, consisted of four exhibitions exploring ideas about play.

At Play 1 took place at South Hill Park, Bracknell from 18 April to 21 June 2009.

At Play 1

Territory (2005) by Cally Trench
Skipping Rope (2006) by Pernille Holm-Mercer
Taking a Position (2008) by Judy Goldhill and Sophie Loss

At Play 1

Sitting Slip (2009) performed by Philip Lee
My Brother Breathes for Me (2008) by Rosie Gibson

At Play 1

At Play 1 (in 2009) explored making magic and being transformed, passing the time, messing about and making a mess, being yourself and pretending to be someone else, having secrets, making dens, belonging to gangs, creating rules and rituals, taking dares and chances, making and exploring small worlds. The exhibition re-created in both adults and children a sense of what it is like to be a child at play. A highly interactive exhibition, it encouraged viewers to gaze, remember, touch, explore, trust, think, laugh, peer, concentrate, join in, bend down, take a chance .. and play.

At Play 1 artists

The artists in At Play 1 were Marco Cali, Marcin Gajewski, Rosie Gibson, Judy Goldhill and Sophie Loss, Susan Eyre, Cathy Hart and Esther Jervis, Aaron Head, Pernille Holm-Mercer, Ingrid Jensen, Philip Lee, Siobhan McAuley, Samantha Mogelonsky, Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich, Kay Sentance, Liz Whiteman Smith, John Tenniel, and Cally Trench.


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At Play 1

Restricted View (Winter) (2008) and
Restricted View (Summer) (2008) by Susan Eyre

At Play 1

Build Your Own Hedge Maze (2009) by Samantha Mogelonsky
Artopoly (2009) by Liz Whiteman Smith

At Play 1

Versus (2008) by Aaron Head

At Play 1

My Brother Breathes for Me (2008) by Rosie Gibson
Sitting Slip (2009) performed by Philip Lee
Curation Play (2008) by Ingrid Jensen

All photographs by Cally Trench

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